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What are the Benefits of Installing a Humidifier to my Existing HVAC System?


Comfort accessories, such as humidifiers, are great additions to your HVAC system. Not only does the added moisture in the air provide a more comfortable environment, but they can improve the way your HVAC system functions as well. Here are some of the benefits that come with installing a humidifier.

Can a Humidifier Comfort Accessory Make My HVAC More Efficient?

A whole-home humidifier can save you money on your heating bill. Air with higher levels of moisture will feel warmer. Dry air does not hold as much heat. Therefore, a thermostat set to 70 degrees will feel very different depending on the humidity levels. When your humidifier is working with your heating system, your unit will not have to work as hard to make your home feel warm.

What Are Some of the Health Benefits of a Humidifier Comfort Accessory

Dry air can cause several health problems. An HVAC system may keep your home at a pleasant temperature, but it may also be sucking the moisture your body needs right out of the air. These common health problems often worsen with dry air:

  • Dry skin can be much more than a nuisance. When your skin begins to chap or crack, it can be painful and prevent you from completing your regular tasks.
  • Sinus infections are more common in dry air. If you are prone to getting them, a humidifier is something your home should definitely have.
  • Respiratory issues can get worse. A lack of moisture in the air tends to aggravate asthma and allergies.
  • Dry air can make you more vulnerable to infection. Most viruses thrive in environments with low humidity. By increasing the humidity of your home, you can decrease your chances of contracting these diseases.

A Comfort Accessory for You and Your Home

Adding a humidifier to your HVAC system not only benefits you but will also benefit your house. Many areas of your home are as susceptible to dryness as you are. Wood floors, paneling, paint and plaster will last longer in a home with higher humidity. Dry air can also damage some personal items, such as electronics and artwork. Not only will your body feel better in a less dry environment, but your home will thrive as well.

Are you looking to add a humidifier comfort accessory to your home or work space? At Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we can help you find the right humidifier to meet your climate control needs. Contact us today!

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