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What Can Happen If My AC Refrigerant Leaks?

air conditioner refrigerant leak

When it comes to home safety and prevention, you probably focus on the obvious: functional fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, childproofed cabinets, fenced-off pools, and so forth. It might never occur to you that your home’s air conditioner can pose a potential environmental hazard and safety risk to you and your family. But it does.

Air Conditioners and Their Refrigerant

One of the key components for all air conditioners is coolant. While the different types of coolant vary, they all fall under a category of controlled substances known as CFCs: chlorofluorocarbons.

These CFCs exist in a closed system and are not consumed or released into the air at any point during the cooling process. However, if your unit springs a leak or sustains other damage, it’s possible for these chemicals to escape.

The Dangers of Refrigerant Exposure

If the leak seeps into your home, it becomes a nearly undetectable evaporable gas that is harmful to inhale. Resulting health problems can include headaches, nausea, vomiting, and (in the worst scenarios) asphyxiation.

5 Signs You Have a Leak in Your AC

  1. Airflow from your registers is low/warm
  2. You find water puddled near your system
  3. Ice is building up on the copper lines
  4. Your electric bill goes up unexpectedly
  5. Your house takes much longer to cool off

What to Do When You Suspect a Refrigerant Leak

Contact the team here at Jerry’s right away. We can inspect your air conditioner and make sure you and your family stay comfortable. Schedule your safety and prevention assessment today.

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