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A Review of Commercial Air Purification Techniques

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When it comes to air purification for commercial space, you need a quality commercial services team to lay out all the options. While the possibilities and combinations are nearly endless, here's an overview of the basic types of industrial air purification:

1. Smoke eaters. Commonly installed in casinos and bars, these systems pull toxins out of the air and improve the general indoor air quality. 

2. Medical grade purifiers. These are installed in hospitals, clean rooms, and laboratories where even the most minor contaminants can cause big problems. A variant of a central air system, it removes even the tiniest mold, virus, fungal, and bacterial spores. The combination of electrostatic precipitation, ultraviolet light, and HEPA filter ration create one of the highest levels of indoor air quality.

3. Commercial air cleaners. Similar to your home’s heating system, these utilize filtration to remove dust, pollen, dander, and other particulates.

4. Ultraviolet air purification. UV lights can be installed inside most commercial HVAC systems to help sterilize and purify the air. These are ideal for killing mold, viruses, and bacteria in commercial spaces. Food processing plants and other industrial areas frequently uses these as additions to normal air filtration systems. 

5. Commercial kitchen exhaust. Grease, smoke, and other cooking odors can easily contaminate an indoor restaurant space. Proper commercial exhaust systems ensure these odors are vented to the outdoors and don't permeate your restaurant's interior. 

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