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4 Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Business

Technician Replacing Commercial HVAC Air Filter

When consulting the provider of commercial services for your business’s HVAC unit, be sure they know how to improve the indoor air quality of your business. Keeping your air clean is one of the simplest ways to keep your employees healthy. Unfortunately, normal, everyday operation of your business’s equipment can add pollution, dust, and debris into the air of your workplace.

The commercial services experts all agree—there are 4 easy steps you can take to improve the indoor air quality of your business and the health of your employees:

#1. Change Your Air Filters Routinely

Clean air conditioning filters are imperative to maintaining high quality air in the workplace. Inspect your air filters monthly and replace them each season.

#2. Clean Your Ductwork

Your air filters aren’t the only place where dust and particles can build up. The ductwork of your system is affected by these items as well, spreading particles and pollutants into the air of your business. Have your ductwork inspected every season, cleaning them as often as necessary.

#3. Protect Your Employees from Harmful Equipment

Certain equipment can compromise air quality more than others. Particularly harmful equipment release pollutants or dust into the air, and they should be kept separate from your employee’s workspace.

#4. Use a Humidifier during Winter Months

During the winter season, outdoor air is especially dry. Without moisture in the air, your heat pump cannot push moisture into your home. An air quality specialist can assist you in finding the right humidifier for your business.

At Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating, our experienced technicians are highly trained air quality control experts. To learn more about improving the indoor air quality of your business, speak to one of our HVAC commercial services experts.

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