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4 Ways to Get Better Indoor Air Quality for Your Business

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Commercial services HVAC systems can provide comfort to your clients and employees. Good air quality in your workplace will provide a cleaner environment for your business. But how can you ensure the quality of the air? Here are four ways to improve your air quality:

1. Change the Air Filters on Your Commercial Services HVAC Unit Regularly

All the air circulating through your workplace passes through the air filters of your commercial HVAC unit. By changing them on a regular basis, you are removing the dust and debris trapped in these filters. Clean air filters will keep your circulating air fresh and your commercial HVAC unit running more efficiently.

2. Have the Ducts of Your Commercial Services HVAC Unit Cleaned

The air that circulates through your business is traveling through ductwork. Having your ducts cleaned can ensure the air you breathe is free of mildew or mold. The ducts do not need cleaning as frequently as the air filters. If you have concerns about the air quality in your workplace, it may be time to schedule a cleaning. 

3. Schedule Routine Maintenance for Your Commercial Service HVAC Unit

Many HVAC service providers offer maintenance packages for commercial systems. These routine inspections can ensure your system is providing the best quality of service to your business. A good inspection will also address small issues before they become big issues. Check with your commercial HVAC service provider to see what packages they offer.

4. Install a Total Air Purifier with Your Commercial Services HVAC Unit

A total air purification system can help eliminate the dust and allergens in the air. This can benefit the health of your employees as well as improve the workplace environment. Talk to your commercial HVAC service provider about what these systems can do for your business.

Looking to improve the air quality of your commercial services HVAC systems? Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating has the experience and commercial know-how to get you started on the right foot. Contact us today.

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