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4 Tips to Cut Heating Costs and Save Money

Calculating Heating Costs

With autumn officially upon us, you may be worried about the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. The weather may still be fair here in South Carolina, but cooler temperatures are right around the corner. We know keeping your home warm all winter is a major expense for most homeowners, so we put together four tips to cut heating costs and save money this autumn and winter.

#1. Perform Draft Eliminating Repairs

No matter the age of your home or apartment, there may be repairs you can perform before the winter season to eliminate drafts in your home. Replacing worn weather stripping, filling gaps around electrical boxes with caulk, and plugging holes in exterior walls are all inexpensive repairs, which can cut your heating costs by up to 20 percent.

#2. Run Your Ceiling Fans

Most homeowners rely on ceiling fans during the summer to keep their homes cool. Did you know ceiling fans could play a big role in keeping your home comfortable during winter months, too? Turn your ceiling fans on a low setting, rotating clockwise. This will pull the warm arm trapped near your ceiling closer to the floor of your home.

#3. Bundle Up and Turn that Thermostat Down!

It may take time to adjust to a cooler temperature in your home, but turning down your thermostat and bundle up can save you a bundle of money this winter. Here at Jerry’s, we think the perfect setting for your thermostat is 68° during the day and 60° at night. Dress warm and pile on extra blankets to stay warm this winter.

#4. Keep Up with Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

If your heating and air conditioning system needs excessive or costly repairs, it is bound to cost you more money than you should be spending to keep your home warm. If you take good care of your HVAC unit by keeping up with seasonal maintenance, your HVAC unit will take care of you — by keeping your heating costs low this fall and winter.

Here at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer Service Club Memberships that take the guesswork out of keeping your HVAC unit in top working condition. For more information about our Service Club designed to keep your HVAC at a top level of energy efficiency, contact one of our highly trained technicians today!

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