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3 Undeniable Benefits of a Smart Thermostat


What concerns you most about your thermostat use and how could a smart thermostat boost your energy efficiency?

Having concerns about your old thermostat and wondering if your HVAC energy efficiency is all it could be? Your thermostat might be the source of a problem. It could also be so outdated that you’re missing out on important cost-saving features. Modern households are making the move to Wi-Fi enabled devices for a reason.

Check out the top three benefits of smart thermostats and consider making the change:

1. Control your home’s heating and cooling from anywhere.

Smartphone. Tablet. Office desktop computer. There is an endless number of devices you can use to run your smart thermostat. All you need is an internet connection to adjust the temperature in your home or take advantage of advanced features.

2. Set or modify heating and cooling schedules with the click of a button.

Smart thermostats are easier to program than any other thermostat. This seldom-used feature on older models presents big benefits. Most people heat and cool their empty homes all day, wasting a significant amount of energy -- and money! Smart thermostats allow for easy scheduling. Some models also predict your needs and set their own schedules based on your habits.

3. Run the reports you need to save the most money.

Smart devices make it easy to break life down into data. These reports help us adjust our energy use or make changes to heating and cooling schedules. Get the very most from your HVAC equipment with a new-fangled temperature control device.

Check out any concerns you might have with our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating. We carry a robust selection of thermostats to boost your HVAC energy efficiency and can help you find the perfect device for your home.

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