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3 Surprising Causes of Indoor Air Pollution in Office Spaces

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When it comes to managing indoor air quality, you need a top-notch commercial services provider on your side. The real problem is something like “air quality” can be highly subjective.

However, there are several surprising sources which can have a seriously detrimental effect. We’ll list some of the top suspects when it comes to poor air quality, and give you a few tips on ways to improve.

What Is That Smell?!

Unpleasant odors are probably the most noticeable side effect of poor indoor air quality. However, there are other, more invisible, sources to consider:

  • Biologic. These are things like bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, and even animal dander.
  • Chemical. Cigarette smoke, paint, treatments for wall and floor coverings, pest control sprays, and printers.
  • Particulates. This source of air pollution includes your garden variety dust and dirt, but can also include construction byproducts (wood chips, drywall) and paper.

All of these can become indoor air problems in a building where a system isn't maintained well enough.

3 Surprising (But Common) Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

While perks like well-stocked kitchens and space for Fido are attractive to potential employees, they can have a surprisingly negative effect on indoor air quality. Here are three typical examples:

  1. Untended spills and leaks can lead to fungi, algae, and bacterial growths.
  2. Pet-friendly offices without enhanced cleaning protocols are rife with dander.
  3. Smoking areas too close to doorways allows cigarette chemicals to blow in every time it swings open.

And the list goes on…

What Can You Do?

The first line of defense is office policy. Ensure people clean up after themselves, and don’t block air vents and returns.

The next (and most important) is ensure your HVAC system is regularly inspected, cleaned, and maintained. Because it is responsible for circulating air through the building, it's the single greatest source of influence you have on the quality. When filters and ducts are clean, and everything is running correctly, a well-engineered system can remove a massive amount of indoor pollutants and particulates.

Need Help?

Contact the team here at Jerry's, and we'll assess performance, and let you know where you may be able to improve. Reach out today and we’ll get our commercial services team on the job immediately.

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