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Three Secrets to Keeping Your Second Floor Cool

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Your building's heating and air conditioning system knows when to turn on or off based on its thermostat's reading of the indoor temperature. But sometimes this doesn't result in even cooling, especially in buildings with a second floor. Here are a few things you can do to reduce or eliminate this problem:

1. Use a Zoned HVAC System

A zoned HVAC system is the most effective way to keep your second floor from getting warmer than the first floor. Instead of having just one thermostat and system of ductwork to cool the entire building, it has two or more. In a zoned HVAC system, different areas receive customized heating and cooling.

So each floor can be its own zone, with its own thermostat and system of ductwork. Let's assume the first floor is a perfect temperature, but the second floor is too warm. In a zoned system, the second floor will receive cool air while the first floor will not.

2. Set Your Thermostat's Fan from Auto to On

When a thermostat's fan setting is on Auto, while the heating or cooling is active, the fan runs. But when the thermostat senses the desired indoor temperature and heating or cooling is no longer active, the fan stops. In contrast, when the thermostat's fan setting is On, the fan will run all the time, even if there is no active heating or cooling taking place. This can help cool the second floor by circulating the air, which will promote even cooling.

3. Better Insulate the Attic

In the summer, the attic can get very warm. Without adequate insulation between the attic and the second floor, the heat from the attic can warm up the second floor's ceiling, which in turn will warm the entire floor. Add some extra insulation to reduce this effect.

For assistance on addressing how to help your heating and air conditioning keep the second floor as cool as possible, contact Jerry's Air Conditioning and Heating before things get too hot.

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