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3 Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Indoor Air Quality

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The best comfort accessories won't make much of a difference for your indoor air quality if you are making fundamental mistakes. Some of the most serious mistakes are more common than you think:

Not Cleaning Your Air Filter

Your HVAC has at least one air filter, possibly several. If these filters aren't regularly cleaned or replaced, they will lose their ability to clean your indoor air. This can lead to a higher level of dust and other nasty particles, such as tiny body parts from dust mites. Additionally, clogged air filters reduce the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, and that will lead to wasted money.

Not Running Your Bathroom's Exhaust Fan while Showering

People almost always take warm or hot showers, which results in an increase in the moisture level inside the bathroom. This increase in moisture can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which decrease the quality of your indoor air. To avoid this, run the bathroom exhaust fan whenever you shower. Also, run it for 20 minutes after your shower to make sure you get all the moisture you possibly can from your bathroom's air.

Using Products with VOCs without Necessary Ventilation

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are very hazardous chemicals (solvents) found in common household solutions, such as paint and glue. Whenever you use these products, try to use them outside or with plenty of air circulation. Too much exposure to VOCs can potentially cause cancer.

Even the best comfort accessories won't effectively improve or maintain your indoor air quality if you're making common mistakes to pollute your indoor air. For additional pointers to have the cleanest indoor air possible, contact our team at Jerry's Air Conditioning and Heating online.

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