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2 Rules for When Your Commercial AC Stops Working

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Businesses that have problems with their HVAC equipment rely on commercial services for the repair and maintenance of their system. But when a problem occurs, it's usually not when an HVAC professional is on the business' premises. This means the first person to discover the problem is a business owner or employee. When this happens, there are two rules you should follow:

Rule #1: Do Not Disassemble Anything Significant

All HVAC systems allow for onsite repair. This means it has modular components that allow for access to the important parts. However, some components are much easier to access than others. For the most part, if you need a set of tools and more than a few minutes to access part of your HVAC system, it's intended for an HVAC professional to do the disassembly. But if it just takes a moment to open something, such as an air intake register or air filter slot, the manufacturer probably designed it that way. That means the business owner can do the work without calling in a technician.

This difference is important! Components that are easily-accessible likely have few or no hazards to worry about when opening up the unit. Components meant for HVAC professionals to open are the opposite, with exposed wiring, moving parts and high voltages that can seriously injury someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Therefore, since involved disassembly of an HVAC component usually means it's something a professional should do, you should not disassemble anything hoping to troubleshoot or fix the problems yourself.

Rule #2: Check Your Circuit Breakers

A very common problem with air conditioners that no longer work is that they're not getting any power. Perhaps the circuit breaker assigned to the HVAC unit tripped. Sometimes, all it takes is to flip the breaker switch for the air conditioner to work just fine. However, before you assume everything is okay with your air conditioner, you need to identify why the circuit breaker tripped in the first place. If you can't figure out what caused the outage, you should call an HVAC professional or electrician to ensure a more serious problem isn't present.

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