Gas Furnaces

an energy efficient way to reduce utility costs

Gas Furnaces

If you are searching for a gas furnace, efficiency is most likely at the top of your list. That’s why we here at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating offer gas furnaces that will help you save significantly. With most new gas furnaces, you will see a savings of as much as 50%, as compared to the cost of running an old furnace.

Furnaces That Deliver Savings

Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating proudly offers HVAC products by Carrier. Carrier air and heating systems offer systems that provide excellent humidity control and are “quiet running”. These systems meet Energy Star requirements and also have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on system parts.

Gas furnaces are made to be extremely energy efficient, as high as 98% energy efficiency. That means the energy output of the furnace is 98% of the energy put in. Some estimates place a new gas furnace at 30% more efficient than an older model.

Many Options To Fit Your Needs

At Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we know about gas furnaces and will guide you through choosing the perfect model to meet your needs. With variable-speed gas furnaces to two-stage gas furnaces to choose from, Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating only deals with the best products to make certain you always have that warm, comfortable office space you want to be able to offer your employees and customers or clients.

Whether you are in Florence, or in one of the surrounding areas, you can trust that Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating will come through for you with the highest-quality gas furnaces and expert, professional installation, repair and regular maintenance.

Call now at 843-665-7470 to find out more about the gas furnaces we carry as well as the expert services we provide to keep your gas furnace running optimally.

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