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Air Conditioners

Summer in South Carolina is a breeze – as long as you’ve got an efficient, reliable air conditioner you can count on. Without air conditioning, the heat and humidity are oppressive. When the heat index is edging up past anyone’s comfort level, it’s just about impossible to function at your best, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to retreat to the cool comfort of an air conditioned space.

Planned maintenance each season will help extend the life of your system, helping nip potential problems in the bud before they become serious.

The technicians at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating are some of the most highly skilled in our industry. We are fully committed to helping get your system back up and running as inexpensively as possible, and encourage you to take care of small problems with your HVAC system before they get out of control.

Where To Start?

The good news is that it’s a buyer’s market when it comes to air conditioners. Whether you need an air conditioner on a new home or business you’re building, own an older home that didn’t originally come with air conditioning, or want to upgrade an older model to a more energy efficient one, you’ve got plenty of great options.

We know the selection of new air conditioners available now is simply overwhelming. How do you know which system will work best for your needs and budget? What size do you need? What brands should you consider? Should you stick with the same type of HVAC system you’re replacing, or modernize with some of the more energy efficient systems available today?

A One Stop Shop For All Your A/C Needs

The team at Jerry’s can help you get the information you need to select a new air conditioner that serves you faithfully for a long time. A Jerry's team member will go out to your measure your home, count windows & doors and ask any further questions they may need answered. We will then, based on a nationally recognized module, give you a HVAC plan* for your home. The appropriate size and features needed for your home will all be included in the plan*. We also provide expert installation services – an important detail you don’t want to forget on a purchase this significant.

Our top priority is not selling air conditioners – it is helping our customers keep their homes and businesses safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient. We are happy to help you through the process of choosing your next air conditioner, answering your questions, and doing the legwork involved to find the ideal system for your needs.

For more information about air conditioners, call Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating at 843-665-7470. Service, repairs, replacements – we have you covered.

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*Plans will be given to customers once Jerry's has been awarded the job.

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