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Air Cleaners

Air cleaners play a major role in adding to the safety and comfort of everyone who spends time in your building or home. Most of us think of pollution as an outdoor air problem, yet indoor air can be full of pollutants like mold, mildew, and allergens. These pollutants drive down the quality of the air you breathe, causing health issues.

Unclean Air Is Unhealthy Air

Mold is at the top of the list of culprits when it comes to less than desirable indoor air quality. The presence of mold in the air can cause problems with peoples’ health. Allergies, breathing problems, and other illnesses are all conditions that can be quite intolerable. While you might not be able to view the mold, it is still contributing to poor air quality.

There are many other agents that can contribute poor air quality. Some of these include: animal dander, carpeting, cleaning chemicals, dust, furniture, mildew, pesticides, smoke, and even building materials that were used to build or remodel your house, building, or office space. With so many pollutants in the environment, getting your indoor air clean is of utmost necessity to creating a clean environment that is fresh and pollutant-free and safe for people to breathe.

Cleaner Air Means A More Comfortable Home

Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating will help you make upgrades or changes to bring up the quality of your indoor air. Among the services we provide is to suggest things that can be done to create healthy indoor air. HVAC system repair or even installation of a new system may be suggested, depending on your needs. You may also be in need of duct work cleaning or replacement if things are really dirty.

You can be certain that we won’t only make recommendations; Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating will make sure to bring safe air back to your indoor areas.

If your home or business is in Florence or the surrounding areas, we will make sure you get the assessments and services that are necessary to help you achieve a clean, safe and healthy indoors that you can breathe easy in. 

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